With almost 100,000 charities in Canada, choosing where to direct your support is a meaningful decision.

Here’s why your one-time gift matters:

Leading Transformation: CAMAP is at the forefront of training, education, and collaboration for practitioners working in this new area of healthcare. Your gift directly supports our efforts to train and educate healthcare professionals and provide vital resources. 

Empowering Healthcare Professionals: When you give to CAMAP, you empower assessors and providers with the knowledge and tools they need to deliver compassionate care that respects patients’ autonomy and dignity.

Advancing Research and Ethics: CAMAP actively engages in research and discussions that drive advancements in the field of MAiD. 

Creating Lasting Change: Your donation has a ripple effect that extends far beyond the present moment. 

How to Give:

Making a one-time gift to CAMAP is simple and secure through CanadaHelps. Visit our donation page here to contribute to our mission. Your support amplifies our impact and helps us drive meaningful change in the realm of end-of-life care.

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