CAMAP’s Caring Circle is a dedicated community committed to advancing the mission of the Canadian Association of MAiD Assessors and Providers. By becoming a part of this special circle, you’re joining forces with us to support healthcare practitioners and clinicians in delivering compassionate Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD). 

What is the CAMAP Caring Circle?

The CAMAP Caring Circle is an exclusive monthly giving program designed to create a meaningful impact on the practitioners we serve. As a member of the Caring Circle, you’re contributing to the support and growth of CAMAP’s initiatives, aimed solely at enhancing the capabilities and knowledge of healthcare providers in the field of MAiD.

Why Join the CAMAP Caring Circle and Become a Monthly Donor?

Your monthly support is pivotal in driving the CAMAP mission forward, with a clear focus on supporting practitioners and clinicians. Here’s why becoming a part of the Caring Circle matters:

  1. Empowering Healthcare Practitioners: By joining the CAMAP Caring Circle, you’re directly empowering healthcare professionals to navigate the complexities of MAiD responsibly.
  1. Strengthening Professional Excellence: Your contributions enable CAMAP to provide essential resources, training, and education, ensuring that practitioners have the tools they need to deliver compassionate care.
  1. Fostering a Dedicated Community: As a member, you’ll connect with others who share your commitment to elevating the standards of end-of-life care, fostering a community of collaboration and growth.
  1. Creating Tangible Change: Your ongoing support directly translates into the advancement of MAiD practices, promoting a higher level of professional expertise within the field.
  1. Exclusive Engagement: CAMAP Caring Circle members receive exclusive updates and insights into our initiatives, deepening your connection to the impact you’re making.
  1. Convenient: Once you’ve committed to monthly gifts, your donations will be made automatically until you advise CanadaHelps (our gift processor) otherwise. 
  1. Affordable: Many donors find giving smaller monthly gifts are easily managed in their budget and supports this important cause year-round. 
  1. Cost-effective: You will receive one cumulative tax receipt after the end of the calendar year. Less paperwork and administration means a more cost-effective method of giving. 

Join us in transforming end-of-life care by empowering healthcare practitioners. By becoming a member of the CAMAP Caring Circle, you’re playing a vital role in ensuring that practitioners and clinicians have the resources and knowledge they need to provide compassionate and professional care.

Make a lasting impact today. Join the CAMAP Caring Circle and be the catalyst for positive change in end-of-life care practices.