Giving in Honour

At the Canadian Association of MAiD Assessors and Providers, we believe in the profound impact that a single gesture of generosity can make. Whether it’s in recognition of exceptional healthcare or to celebrate a significant life event, honouring someone through a donation to CAMAP is a heartfelt way to make a difference.

Why Give in Honour?

  1. Celebrate Exceptional Healthcare: There are healthcare professionals who touch our lives in extraordinary ways. Honouring them with a donation to CAMAP not only acknowledges their dedication but also contributes to the advancement of compassionate end-of-life care.
  2. Meaningful Life Milestones: Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries – these are moments that hold special significance. Making a gift to CAMAP in honour of these occasions allows you to celebrate while creating a lasting impact in a field of healthcare that matters.
  3. Empower Practitioners: Your donation in honour supports CAMAP’s mission of empowering healthcare practitioners to provide compassionate Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) practices. 


How to Honour Someone Through CAMAP

Making a donation to honour someone is easy and secure. Visit here. Click Give in honour or send an ecard (optional) and follow the simple steps to complete your tribute gift.

Personalize Your Gift: You can leave a personalized message when making the donation, expressing your appreciation or conveying the significance of the occasion you’re honouring.

Share the Impact: The person you’re honouring will receive a notification of your thoughtful donation. Your gift not only contributes to CAMAP’s mission but also serves as a meaningful tribute.


Join Us in Honouring and Transforming

By honouring someone through a donation to CAMAP, you’re celebrating their impact on your life while also becoming a catalyst for change for the people CAMAP serves. Your tribute gift supports healthcare practitioners and elevates the standards of compassionate care.

Make a tribute gift today!