Delivery Systems: Brag and Steal!

Friday, May 5, 2023; 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Dear MAiD2023 attendee!

We are looking forward to your attendance at the upcoming Delivery Systems: Brag and Steal session at MAiD2023 – our national conference in Halifax, NS.

By now, we all know that the process of providing high quality MAiD Care is different across Canada.
The purpose of this interactive session is to learn more about the many creative and innovative ways that your fellow MAiD coordinators, assessors, and providers (and those who support them) get their work done each day. We are interested in hearing YOU brag about a problem that you’ve solved, a process that you’ve developed, or a commonsense solution that you’ve stumbled upon so that the rest of us can steal it and modify it to suit our own needs! Think of this as a ‘facilitated networking session’.

Please consider the following questions, and (if you feel the urge), jot down a few comments, ideas, suggestions, etc. that have allowed you to get the work done. We will review these questions (and others) at the meeting. Fortunately, there is no wrong answer, only your individual brilliance…
The outcome of this session depends on you (no pressure) so please don’t be shy.

1. What advice would you give to a colleague who is interested in getting involved in MAiD care, but just ‘doesn’t know if they have the time’?

2. Is there anything that you’ve done to improve how efficiently you triage a MAiD referral?

3. What is the secret to a well-functioning MAiD coordination service?

4. How do you sort out whether a person is eligible for MAiD when you are just not certain? What aspects of the eligibility process are the most challenging for you?

5. What do you keep in your ‘MAiD kit’ that others should consider?

6. Have you developed an approach to centers that will not allow MAiD assessments or provisions on the premises?

7. Are you able to provide urgent MAID assessments/provisions? What about after hours/weekend coverage if patients decompensate quickly?

8. How do you approach post-MAiD bereavement for those close to a patient?

9. Is there a specific question that you’ve been yearning to answer, but haven’t yet managed to? Someone in the audience might know…

Thanks again for your interest in improving MAiD Care. See you in Halifax.

Gord Gubitz, Session Chair