CAMAP has committed to supporting MAiD research through financial grants, as possible, for new or ongoing research projects as well as for knowledge transfer.

Research grants are available between $1,000 and $3,000 (primarily $1,500 each) and are meant to offset the cost of research assistants, transcriptions, or similar.

Knowledge transfer grants are available between $1,000 and $2,500 (primarily $1,000 each) and are meant to offset the cost of publishing fees as well as other methods of knowledge transfer.


How to Apply for Grants and Abstracts

Proposals are normally accepted twice a year, typically in early spring and fall.  Watch this space for details on CAMAP’s grant cycle and to learn how submit an application for upcoming awards.

Research Projects

CAMAP values quality, evidence-based research on MAiD to help us better understand this important and sometimes complex new field of health care.

We support the research community by offering research grants and hosting Research Forums twice a year where researchers share their current work.

Through our Research and Knowledge Transfer Grants, CAMAP is proud to share some of the important work that we have supported:

MAiD Info for Patients  – Translation of this document has been supported by CAMAP (2023/2024)


The following abstracts were presented at the MAiD2024 Research Forum:

Insights from the nursing perspective on the evolving context of MAID communication challenges – Sally Thorne & Barb Pesut

Research Literature


Research on MAiD is continually being done throughout Canada.  One of CAMAP’s founders and current director of the board, Dr. Ellen Wiebe, maintains a list that is updated on a regular basis.


Please visit her site, Hemlock AID to view this list.   If you know of any research that should be added to this list, please email us and we will ensure it is considered.