CAMAP Publications and Guidelines

The majority of CAMAP publications are guidance documents for clinicians concerning the practice of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD).  Since the passing of Bill C-14 in 2016 CAMAP has sought to help clinicians navigate the sometimes complex issues surrounding MAiD. One example is our paper on the Interpretation and Role of « Reasonably Foreseeable » in MAiD practice. 


The need for a guidance document is usually identified by CAMAP’s Board and the writing of it is commissioned by the Board.  A Board Committee recruits a team of subject-matter experts and oversees the work. When relevant, the input of outside stakeholders such as provincial regulatory bodies is sought, and the final paper is brought to the Board for ratification prior to its publication by CAMAP.  CAMAP welcomes suggestions from its members for future guidance documents.


Most of the remaining publications are those issued by CAMAP in response to pan-Canadian situations directly relating to the practice of MAiD.  Examples include issues pertinent to the COVID-19 pandemic and the federal government’s intentions around MAiD oversight. 


CAMAP hopes these documents are useful tools for our membership.


MAiD Administration

Reasonably Foreseeable Natural Death

Capacity Assessment

MAiD and Dementia

Complex Chronic Conditions

Bringing Up MAiD as a Care Option

MAiD and Palliative Care

MAiD and COVID-19

MAiD Oversight

Professionalism and Harassment