CAMAP MAiD Training Post Workshop Evaluation - DWDC - Nov 3, 22 in Toronto

Thank you for participating in this MAiD workshop. This evaluation form is to be completed immediately following the course and is one of the requirements for obtaining CME credits. (The remaining step is to complete another form two months from now after you have had a chance to reflect on this course and/or put your new learning into action).

In the future, do you plan to do MAiD assessments?(Required)
In the future, do you plan to provide MAiD?(Required)

For the following series of questions, do you anticipate any barriers in:

Lack of support from nurse practitioner / physician colleagues?(Required)
Lack of support from nurses?(Required)
Lack of support from institutions (hospitals, care homes, etc.)(Required)
Lack of support from pharmacists?(Required)
Time constraints?(Required)
Lack of adequate compensation?(Required)
Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
This program met my objectives
I was able to interact with faculty
It was well organized
Faculty were good communicators
Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
Medical Expert
Health Advocate

Other questions

Did the speakers disclose their respective conflicts of interests?(Required)
Did you perceive any degree of bias in any part of the program?(Required)
Did this program respect Quebec's CDQPCM code of ethics?(Required)

That's it! Thank you for completing this evaluation form.