The Canadian MAiD Curriculum (CMC) Topic 1: Foundations of MAiD in Canada is available to the general public for a user fee of $50.

Foundations of MAiD in Canada is an online, self-study module describing the major milestones in the history of MAiD. This module reviews the eligibility criteria for patients and the important safeguards that have been put in place. Ethical questions about MAiD are also discussed.

In this learning module, you will:

  • Identify the historical milestones and core features of Canada’s MAiD legislation.
  • Identify the regulatory context for MAiD in Canada.
  • Discuss the multidisciplinary roles that can support a patient who has requested MAiD.
  • Discuss primary ethical issues encountered by clinicians in enabling access to MAiD.
  • Identify diverse perspectives and reactions related to MAiD.
  • Identify what resilience means for clinicians engaged in MAiD.
  • Assess your own questions and concerns about MAiD and resources to support your engagement in MAiD.


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