From our earlier days as an organization up until today, philanthropy has allowed CAMAP to support our members through education, training, mentorship, and our online community of practice. Donors have been instrumental to our ability to carry out our mission, for us to be innovative and creative in serving our members and those working in MAiD, and for us to establish ourselves as leaders in MAiD in Canada.

We became a registered charity in 2021 and we are national in scope. We have members from coast to coast and since receiving charitable status, our donor base has grown because our donor community sees value in supporting the leaders in MAiD and value the service they provide to communities across the country.

Your donation to CAMAP will help us continue our mission of providing guidance, education, and support. Donations are used to support the delivery of education like symposiums, workshops, webinars, and annual gatherings. They support research through the research grants issued to those conducting important research in MAiD across Canada. They allow us to enhance the much needed supports we could offer to practitioners new to MAiD.

CAMAP is a lean organization. Your donation will be used wisely, and its impact will be large. We are led by a volunteer Board of Directors and our staff work part-time. 100% of your donation is used to provide direct support to our members and to fulfill our mission.

We are the passionate and compassionate professionals who do important work because of the importance of patient-centred care and the importance of an individual’s right to choose their own care options.  We invite you to donate today.

What Our Supporters are Saying


    • “For all the value I get from this organization, I feel my membership fees are not enough!” – CAMAP Member


    • “Both of my parents benefited from your work. Thanks!” – Donor


    • “My husband died with dignity thanks to MAiD. I am very thankful that this option was available.” – Donor


    • “I can’t think of a more deserving charity. Count me in as a strong supporter and believer in your charity’s mandate!”- Donor


    • “I can’t possibly thank you enough for your most needed work and compassion.” – Donor


    • “I see everyday how my gift is making a difference to those served by CAMAP.” – Staff


Sponsorship of MAiD2023 – CAMAP’s Annual Conference

Our annual conference draws a large, multidisciplinary group of attendees including family physicians, medical specialists, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, legal counsel, administrators, and policy makers. Our inaugural conference in Vancouver, BC in 2017 drew over 150 attendees. Our conference has grown to over 270 registrants and included several of our national partners on our podium (the Canadian Medical Protective Association, Canadian Medical Association, and Health Canada).

This year, the conference will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia and we expect to attract a large, diverse audience and are eager to reap the benefits of in-room, face to face discussions with all members of our growing community. We are eager to work with you, as a sponsor, to connect you with our audience while supporting CAMAP’s mission.

MAiD2023 offers exclusive opportunities to profile your business, gets you in front of your target audience, and supports an important national charity.

Your sponsorship allows CAMAP to provide an outstanding learning and development experience for MAiD2023 attendees.

Your sponsorship will be recognized on our website pre-, during, and post-conference. Sponsors will further be recognized at the venue through logo placement on your area of support and recognized virtually through livestream to registrants. Your support is vital to ensuring all the elements are in place for the 3-day educational event for those working in the field of MAiD.

To learn about the opportunities available, contact Sue Chaffey at [email protected].