Canadian MAiD Curriculum Topic Areas

This curriculum will include the following modules, developed by working groups made up of MAiD experts representing diverse geography and disciplines.


(1) Foundations of MAiD in Canada: A background module to include the story of MAiD law in Canada, an ethics primer, and the federal and provincial processes with respect to MAiD.


(2) Clinical Conversations around MAiD: How to respond to initial inquiries from patients about MAiD, including discussion of end-of-life planning and goals of care treatment options.


(3) MAiD Assessment: Systematic approach to core MAiD assessments, attending to medico-legal requirements in national and regional guidelines.


(4) Capacity and Vulnerability: A deeper exploration of psychosocial vulnerabilities in MAiD assessments. This course will lay an initial foundation for Module 7.


(5) Providing MAiD: Skill building and best practices in the provision of MAiD.


(6) Complex Scenarios: Case-based course on complex/nuanced MAiD assessments and provisions.


(7) Mental Health as the Sole Underlying Condition: To be deferred until shortly before March 2023 when new legislation defining safeguards are released.


(8) Resilience and Self-Care for MAiD Practitioners: Resilience and self-care practices for MAiD clinicians to develop. Strong focus care ecology model that recognizes the diverse factors contributing to stress and resilience in occupational settings. This content will be integrated within each module listed above.