CMC Module Topic Contributors

The development of the Canadian MAiD Curriculum Project wouldn’t be possible without the passionate and dedicated efforts of many different health care practitioners, providers, assessors, care coordinators, researchers, and staff, along with the support of a variety of organizations.

With genuine gratitude and appreciation, we recognize and celebrate the many people who have participated in the project along the way.

Reflection and Resilience: Mental health experts developed evidence-based models, practices and resources that are proven to reduce distress, enhance focus, safeguard resilience, and promote professional health well-being. Reflective practices designed to address the social and emotional challenges of MAiD, to increase clinician engagement and satisfaction, are woven throughout all modules and collected in a free handbook, “Reflection and Resilience Backpack: Resources and Practices to Support Your Journey as a MAiD Clinician.”

Topic ContributorLocationCredentials/Title
Alan EppelONMD (Psychiatrist and Person with Lived Experience)
Amélie GuilbaultQCMD (Psychiatrist)
Andrea FrolicONPhD (Ethicist and MAiD Director)
Diana TikaszONMSW (Trauma-informed Care Counselor/Educator)
Marianne DeesThe NetherlandsMD (Dutch Family Physician, Euthanasia Provider)
Melissa MelnitzerONMD (Palliative Care and MAiD Provider)
Tony DeBono*ONPhD (Psychologist) *involvement ended Jan 2023

Topic 1: Foundations of MAiD in Canada 
A self-guided, online module which includes an introduction to the major milestones in the development of MAiD law in Canada, an ethics primer, and the federal and provincial processes with respect to MAiD.

Topic ContributorLocationCredentials/Title
Jocelyn DownieNSCM, FRSC, FCAHS, SJD; Professor, Faculties of Law and Medicine, Dalhousie University
Julia CampbellONMBA, MN, NP(PHC)
Kevin ReelONOT Reg. (Ont.), MSc (medical ethics)
Stefanie GreenBCMDCM CCFP

Topic 3: How to do a MAiD Assessment Asynchronous and synchronous modules with a systematic approach to core MAiD assessments, attending to medico-legal requirements in national and regional guidelines.

Topic ContributorLocationCredentials/Title
Alexis PeplinskieONNP-PHC, MPH
Dominique DionQCMD, MSc
Donald VersluisBCBScN, MSc, PHC-NP, DNP
Edward S. WeissONMD, CCFP
Rachelle SenderONPhD, MD, CCFP, FCFP
Randall TresidderNSPerson with Lived Experience (PWLE); Physiotherapist, Master of Education in Open, Digital and Distance Education
Robert WeilerSKMD