Curriculum Overview

In August 2023, CAMAP launched the Canadian MAiD Curriculum (CMC), the first comprehensive, nationally accredited, evidence-based educational program to support the practice of MAiD in Canada. This modular course aims to educate new MAiD practitioners, advance the skills of existing MAiD practitioners, and help standardize the approach to care by supporting those who deliver MAiD care from coast to coast to coast.

The CMC is structured around eight topic areas:

1. Foundations of MAiD in Canada
2. Clinical Conversations that Include MAiD
3. How to do a MAiD assessment
4. Assessing Capacity and Vulnerability
5. Providing MAiD
6. Navigating Complex Cases with Confidence
7. MAiD & Mental Disorders
8. Reflection and Resilience

These topics are delivered through a combination of online self-learning modules and facilitated case-based discussion sessions. Learners will be given access to a variety of tools, references, resources and case studies. 

The curriculum offers a comprehensive total of 81 credits for the CFPC, 27 hours of self-assessment for the RCPSC, and 27 CNA accredited hours for nurses.

Recognizing that Reflection and Resilience practices are integral to both clinician well-being and successful MAiD practice, the curriculum purposefully weaves this content throughout the entire program.

Clinicians (licensed physicians and nurse practitioners) can enjoy free access to the curriculum during their initial 12 months of enrollment until March 2026. If you wish to extend your access beyond 12 months, a $50 Learning Management System (LMS) user fee will be applicable for learners.

Learners are encouraged to take the curriculum topics in order, from foundational learning topics to more advanced topics. Currently, there is no cost for clinicians to register for the first 12 months, which is made possible by financial support from Health Canada.