CAMAP MAiD Training Two Month Reflection Evaluation (from NWT May 4, 2022 workshop)

This evaluation form is the final step required in earning your CME credits for this MAiD workshop. Once completed, it will send an email to the organizers of the event who will issue you your CME certificate.

Since the workshop, have you done any MAiD assessments?(Required)
In the future, do you plan to do MAiD assessments?(Required)
Since the workshop, have you completed any MAiD provisions?(Required)
In the future, do you plan to provide MAiD?(Required)

For the following series of questions, have you experienced any barriers in:

Lack of support from nurse practitioner / physician colleagues?(Required)
Lack of support from nurses?(Required)
Lack of support from institutions (hospitals, care homes, etc.)(Required)
Lack of support from pharmacists?(Required)
Time constraints?(Required)
Lack of adequate compensation?(Required)

Thank you for completing this evaluation form.