Thank you for your interest in joining CAMAP, a national non-profit organization of healthcare and other professionals who provide MAiD services. Members include family physicians, hospitalists, internists, anesthetists, nurse practitioners, health care administrators, pharmacists, bio-ethicists, social workers and lawyers. The CAMAP forum offers a secure space for professionals to exchange information related to the practice of medical assistance in dying. It is meant to be a safe space, a place of respect for one another’s opinions and experiences in providing MAiD and a space for growth and learning from each other.

Over the past two years, the Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP) has partnered with CAMAP to support family physicians, nurse practitioners and pharmacists from Ontario who wanted to participate in CAMAP’s national online community of practice. The collegial support offered by the community fosters professional growth and resilience through online discussion forums, members-only resources (such as assessment tools and templates), and educational events. 

Due to our ongoing organizational relationship and OCFP’s financial support, CAMAP is pleased to offer a limited number of 2021 CAMAP membership at a significantly (50%) reduced rate. As of February 2021, this is only available for family physicians, nurse practitioners and pharmacists from Ontario who are renewing a CAMAP membership.

We look forward to your renewed membership in CAMAP and thank the OCFP for their ongoing strong support of our work.

To see if you are eligible for this discounted rate, please contact us at