Membership: Peer Support. Research. Advocacy.

While we are predominantly an association of physicians and nurse practitioners, all professionals involved in the work of assisted dying are most welcome to join CAMAP. This includes nurses, pharmacists, speech & language specialists, administrators, law makers, lawyers, social workers, counsellors, policy analysts and more.

With a CAMAP membership you will have access to our newsletter, reduced conference rates, our national online forum, and our mentorship program. You will also be able to participate in research projects or reach out to the community to conduct your own. Advocacy for our membership is a priority at CAMAP: In particular, ensuring adequate training and ongoing education opportunities, providing networking opportunities between members across the country, agitating for adequate and reasonable compensation and a streamlining of the bureaucratic process.


For those involved in the delivery of MAID, we have compiled a set of useful tools and an informative library. These include the Clinical Frailty Scale, the Palliative Performance Scale and interpretive documents as well as other scales and indicators, plus links to CAMAP guidelines, medical articles and Canadian legislation.

Patients and Families: Support. 

For patients and families going through this process we have compiled some useful resources and testimonials which we hope will be helpful. CAMAP's primary goal is to support the people involved in delivering this care and we encourage you to speak with your individual care providers for detailed guidance.

What is MAiD?